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Initial Consultation

  • 1 h
  • Free
  • Victoria County

Service Description

This meeting is for the client and F3GS Owner, Sgt (R) Nick Mateo, to jump on a video call for about an hour or however long (up to 60 minutes) it needs to take to ensure that we have established what the client is hoping to accomplish by utilizing our services. We will go over some basic information first like the client's name, where they live, what drew them to F3GS in the first place, if they work in the heritage industry or are they from a different industry, yet they need to use our services to accomplish a task that would fit the parameters of our client type. We would then begin going over the details of the project request which would include items like what is the solution that they were interested in that they saw on the "Our Solutions" page. If the client is requesting a solution that is not displayed on the "Our Solutions" board they need not worry because we can offer somewhat of a 'wildcard' here at F3GS. If there is something that they are interested in doing or creating, we can discuss what that is and then see if it is something that F3GS can accomplish. It could be a combination of services listed on the board, services not on the board or something as simple as the client knows what they want, but is having a difficult time formulating what it is. Here at F3GS, imagining, creating, engineering and analyzing is what is executed best here so do not concern yourself with the stress of your ideas because F3GS is here to be your running mate during your journey with the development of your project. who would be the beneficiary of this project (the client directly or indirectly). What is the intention for the project? We would then go into discussing the specific details of the project request which solely belongs to the client during the meeting and where I would take notes in order to render and draw out what we are looking to accomplish with this project. We would then ask the client what is the due date or what is the day-month-year (as close to this) of when the project will be necessary for use? Lastly I will relay to them a general, baselined turn around time, general cost (soft estimate) for the project and if there were any individuals or organizations who will be involved where I need to collect any information from them or if they have a specific role in the development and operation of the project. In closing, we will wrap it all up, ensure nothing was missed & schedule when to meet with an official plan.

Contact Details

  • Mission Valley, Texas, USA


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