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F3 Geomatic Solutions, LLC

"Precision at the Forefront: Unleashing Cutting-Edge Geospatial Solutions for Tomorrow's Challenges"

What Is F3 Geomatic Solutions?

F3 Geomatic Solutions LLC is a Catholic, family and disabled veteran owned single member LLC located in Yorktown, TX, providing cutting-edge GIS services. Our services include Artificial Intelligence & GeoAI (Geospatial Machine Learning), UAV data.collection and insights, advanced geospatial analysis & exploitation, visualization, web and mobile web as well as native app development, precision agriculture, project management, leadership and much more. With 20 years of experience in the GIS, topographic engineering and intelligence industries as well as having served as a US. Army Non-Commissioned Officer leading, pushing and motivating troop and peer potential, I have the know how, training, dedication and passion towards who I come to meet and build a project with. I am committed to providing the highest quality service to my clients; Placing they, their needs, interests and intuitive creativity at the front line "honor, service and spatial precision."


Sgt Ret Nicholas L Mateo

       Owner, and operator of F3 Geomatic Solutions, LLC, Sgt Ret Nicholas Lee Mateo, stands at the helm of a pioneering force in the realm of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). With a steadfast commitment to excellence, F3 Geomatic Solutions, under Nick's leadership, plays a vital role in bridging the gaps that hinder progress for companies and individuals alike. By offering a spectrum of services and solutions, F3 Geomatic Solutions addresses challenges both within office environments and the dynamic fields of strategic operations and tactical project aspects. Nick Mateo's vision brings GIS to the forefront of innovation, empowering industries across the board to navigate and overcome internal and external obstacles. F3 Geomatic Solutions, with its dedication to cutting-edge geospatial solutions, marks a transformative presence in the ever-evolving landscape of geospatial technology. With a 20-year history in the GIS community, Sgt Mateo's journey began in 2004 during his tenure in the United States Army, where he played a pivotal role in advancing geospatial capabilities. Serving until 2014, he significantly contributed to enhancing various sectors, including US Defense, Federal & State Government, municipalities, emergency management, and environmental businesses. His expertise spans geographic information collection, analysis, distribution, production, and instruction. As a distinguished member of the ESRI Partner Network, Sgt Mateo continues to shape the geospatial landscape. His extensive background has propelled him into the realms of geospatial research and development, community solution creations, spatial development, and Information Technological advancement. This multifaceted approach not only demonstrates his commitment to innovation but also positions him to leverage opportunities for career growth and entrepreneurial academic advancement.

Why Choose Us?

At F3 Geomatic Solutions, LLC, we are grateful for the humble opportunity to deliver endless geospatial technological enhancements to our target audience as well as the general public due to the passion, care and understanding that information held within does not grow as well as information shared with all. Below you will find why "choosing us" is the best way to incorporate spatial data, non-spatial data and intuitive magic into your organization, while implementing, enhancing and journeying down a path towards becoming aware of more than you could ever dream of unearthing the potentiality of what our globe can do for you through every byte of data. 


We set the course for business growth, providing strategic direction that aligns with long-term success


An asset where devotion meets decisive and protective actions to honor clients and ensure their well-being


 Evolution in the geospatial industry allows for cutting-edge innovation and  F3 Geomatic delivers through ingenuity, moral ethics & out-of-the-box aspiration.  


We don't accept transactional interactions; Rather through long-term value propositions,  personal communication leads to exclusivity in its finest.


Who Do We Serve?

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GIS in precision agriculture enhances productivity, sustainability, and resource utilization by providing valuable spatial insights and facilitating data-driven decision-making.

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GIS and UAV operations contribute to improved planning, design, efficiency, and safety in the AEC industry, making them valuable tools for professionals in this field.

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GIS enhances the federal government's capabilities by providing spatial insights, aiding in planning, decision-making, and effective resource management.

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F3GS help address diverse problems in cities, offering a tool for local governments to solve complex challenges effectively

Screenshot 2023-12-22 042656_edited.png

GEOINT and UAV operations enhance the capabilities of US defense and intelligence agencies by providing timely, accurate, and actionable information for a wide range of applications.

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Integration of new geospatial technologies enhances analytic capabilities, aiding the development of resiliency and improving overall emergency & National Security preparedness and response

Affiliations / Partners

FED UEI - WCSVBMJTMAC6         CAGE# 9QNZ6            DUNS: 119126401 


ESRI Partner Network




ARWay Indoor Partners

NAICS: 541370-541360-541990-541330-541512-541921-518210-711510

SIC CODES: 8713 - 7374




Texas Veteran Owned Business


Licensed Part 107 UAS Pilot


OIF Veteran 05-06 & 07-08


U.S. Army Retiree - 2004-2014


Alumni - NGA School of Defense Mapping 2004-2005

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